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1dragonsource has 15 years of experience helping our clients enhance their work experience by supplying, supporting, and training with Dragon speech and voice recognition products.

We supply, train, and support our clients in the use of leading speech recognition technology to improve their productivity and efficiency. Our clients include healthcare providers, hospital systems, attorneys, business professionals, and the disabled community.

1dragonsource is a veteran supplier of Dragon Medical and Dragon NaturallySpeaking products.

1dragonsource offers the expertise to enable adults and older children to use modern technologies for computer access, egernomic aids, environmental control systems, and home or workplace accomodations.

We are the leading provider for Dragon Medical and Dragon NaturallySpeaking. Our keys to success with our clients are: 1. Caring about their practice and its successful use of Dragon. 2. Our passion for the use of speech recognition as a productivity tool. 3. A sense of humor to facilitate the implementation of Dragon software.

1dragonsource assists professionals in successfully using Dragon to efficiently produce high-quality documentation while realizing substantial cost savings.

Our extensive computer hardware and software background spanning over 30 years, provides an experience base to address and solve our clients' problems.

Finally, Opportunity Comes Speaking!

To all of you, from all of us at 1dragonsource - Thank you and Happy eCommerce!

Paul E. Rochlen